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Proper Body Weight for Pets (Lets Talk Conformation)

There are numerous recommendations for proper breed body weights that can be found. Looking in breed magazines, on line (ex. www.puppydogweb.com), or by calling your veterinarian will give you some body weight ranges. These are only starting points as pets of the same breed, sex, and age may differ greatly in bone structure and height […]


Our pet’s most common disease in Florida is parasites. A question frequently asked by clients when their four legged family member comes in for routine vaccinations is “what does my pet need to stay healthy?” Of all the testing and vaccinations performed, the incidence of intestinal parasites dwarfs all other preventable diseases. A large percentage […]

If It Were Me!

I am a Veterinarian who has been in practice for over 20 years. The most frequent question that I am asked; “Is that normal?” The question maybe in regards to a vomiting cat, or a coughing dog that persists throughout the night. Put yourself in your pet’s paws and answer the question if that was […]

New Tricks and Treatments – Halloween Dilemma

What’s new about Halloween with pets? Three things come to mind: 1. Chocolate and upset stomachs, 2. Behavioral issues with strangers and 3. Lost pets getting out the door. Not so new you may say, but it’s 2015 and we may have a few new solutions. My dog ate chocolate and a few other candies, […]

First Aid Kit for Pets

A first aid kit for pets is unique from those used by humans. Here is a list of items that you can make your pet’s personal first aid kit. 1. Bandage material used for splinting and wound dressing: (1 inch and 2 inch bandage tape, gauze or non stick telfa pads, 1 inch and 2 […]

Choosing the Right Dog for a Pet

Often we hear that people resemble their pets. It may be in looks, mannerism or emotions. But the most important factor in choosing a pet is love and care between the pet and the owner. Consider the physical compatibility. Will the dog you choose enjoy the same lifestyle that you do? Will they be a […]

Disease Prevention for New Pets

Welcoming a new pet into the household is an exciting and trying event. Questions about this new family member’s health, physical, and behavioral requirements are concerning. The health of a pet introduced into a home is important for both animals and humans as diseases can be transmitted. To make sure your human and pet family […]

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